Monday, June 19, 2017

Bayview Beach

One of our favorite beaches we've discovered since buying the Cape house four years ago is Bayview Beach in Hyannis. We didn't know about it before getting the house, and I feel like it's a nice little secret that mostly only the locals know about. It's this great little beach that's a quick drive down backroads to and from our house, and it's one of the few public beaches (with a parking lot) left that is completely free. It has a unique location near Hyannis harbor which makes it very picturesque and fun when the incoming and outgoing boats and ships sail by, making for some pretty fun waves. The water is somehow still clean and clear, and it's very kid-friendly. Just don't swim out too far! Ha ha. The parking lot is right nearby which is so convenient, there's a small playground, and the ice-cream truck comes to visit. We love this beach!

The first time I took the boys here last summer was in late June a few days after we got there when Peter was working from the house and needed some peace and quiet. As you can see, we practically had the beach to ourselves that afternoon.

I love the scenery around this beach.

An automobile ferry on its way to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.

Diesel trucks on a ship coming back into port. 
And more importantly, Sam. See how cool this beach is?!
More trucks on a ship, headed out to the islands. 

John playing in the waves created by the ship.

Another day at Bayview.
Here's the Hy-Line ferry headed out to the Vineyard or Nantucket. This is the ferry we take when we go out there.

And here's another Hy-Line ferry, this one coming in, along with the Sea Gypsy pirate ship at its side.
(The boys and I did the Sea Gypsy pirate ship ride in 2015, which I never blogged about. Dry your eyes.)

 The playground is simple and fun.

Look out below!

I just think trucks on a ship are cool, especially when they're so close by.

And another day there with my sister's sons...

This beach is the best and I'm looking forward to going back again in just a couple of weeks!