Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Things for Friday

1. Monday: I went to a doctor's appointment to figure out how to get rid of some ugly veins in my legs that cropped up during my pregnancy with Sam. I found out that I do indeed have a big "incompetent" vein in my right calf that can be removed, but first I'm supposed to wear compression stockings for three months before they can remove the nerve. Beige compression stockings in the summertime!? I don't think so!
(But like the compliant patient I am, I did go and pick them up today. I'm going to wear them on long car rides and a few other times during the the summer. Hopefully that will be...competent.)

2. Tuesday: I got a robo-call from Lara Trump (President Trump's daughter-in-law) informing me that his rally (the one that was scheduled for two weeks ago that I had tickets for that then got postponed) is going to be next Wednesday evening in Cedar Rapids. The location in Cedar Rapids is now different and I don't like it. It's going to be downtown in a much bigger venue, so I've decided not to go. I don't want to deal with the gridlock, the parking garages, the crowds, or the protesters. The hotel where it was previously scheduled to be held would have been so much easier to get into and out of. I'm kind of disappointed, but not enough to go. Maybe next time.

3. Wednesday: John got sick at his overnight summer camp and ended up having to come home early. It's disappointing because this is his third year at this camp and the previous two years he's had to leave a day early because of our annual trip to Massachusetts, but we scheduled things differently this year so that he could go for the whole week, and it still didn't work out! Plus, he always gets afflicted with something--the first two years he got really bad poison ivy and this year, some kind of a bug. Poor kid! We'll try again next year because it really is an excellent summer camp and he has so much fun there. Fourth time's the charm?

4. Thursday: Peter and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. 15 years on the 15th, our golden anniversary! (Sort of.) We're going out to dinner tonight and on a relaxing little vacation to Martha's Vineyard in a few weeks, but for now, in honor of my still-strong love for weddings and wedding dresses, here are a few of my picks for dresses that would be on my radar if I were getting married this summer: 

Satin and lace (my two favorite materials for wedding dresses) and longer sleeves ✔✔✔
This one's my favorite, at least from the back.

You know what they say...once a bride, always a bride!
Or at least, that's what I say.

5. Friday: This morning, like the good patient that I strive to be, I went out and got the compression stockings. :-( 
I also made a much more fun purchase, one that unlike the stockings I will gladly wear each day this summer. I've been looking for some comfortable cool house slippers for the summer because I don't like being barefoot in the house and we don't wear shoes inside so I always have slippers on. It's usually my Ugg slippers but they get too warm for the summer, and my padded Nike flip-flops don't stay on my feet well enough to be that comfortable. So I've been on the lookout for something else. I found the solution in a recent email from Famous Footwear, and it was these "Meditation Studio" sandals from Skechers.
I had a good feeling about these, so I went and got them this morning. They're on my feet now, and my hunch was right. These sandals are so comfortable and supportive and they're nice and snug on my feet and they're cute and I've found my summer house slippers! They'll be coming with me to the Cape house too. 
Woo-hoo! A shopping success story.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the abundance of fireflies if you're lucky enough to have them where you live! They've been lighting up the fields around our house at night and they're so pretty!