Monday, May 1, 2017

Hello May!

Well, I managed to completely neglect blogging for the months of March and April. They were especially busy months--among other things, I went to a women's conference, we went on vacation, my parents came to visit, my cat got surgery and has required special care and numerous visits to the vet, and I got eye surgery. Whew! 

Despite the busyness/business of life, I've been wanting to write on my blog again, and I'm hoping to have more time to do that this month. My posts will probably be pretty random as I work through the picture files on my desktop and decide what things I feel like blogging about and what things will get the proverbial ax. 

I'm constantly evaluating what is and isn't working in my life and I still find blogging a worthwhile use of my time because it provides a good creative outlet, it's something I enjoy, it helps me to stay connected to others, and the blog books that I get published annually are priceless to me (and hopefully someday to my offspring), especially since I don't do that much scrapbooking or formal photo album-making anymore. So The Doll Sweet Journal isn't going to be getting the proverbial ax anytime soon. It survives once again!

Since I know you've missed my "five things" lists, here are five things I'm looking forward to in May!

1. Mother's Day. Such a lovely holiday that is!

2. Going to an Orchestra Iowa "John Williams at the Movies" concert and to see the musical Peter Pan with my family.

3. Warmer temperatures and warmer-weather clothes. Come on 80s! I've been waiting for you!

4. Memorial Day weekend. We're planning on going away and doing something fun, but we don't know where yet.   
5. John's graduation from elementary school(!!).  

I'm excited for May and for all of the fun and special things it will (hopefully) bring!