Friday, February 17, 2017

Five Things For Friday: The LOL Edition

Here in no particular order are five random things that I think are funny. As a matter of habit, I've collected a bunch of these over the last few years into a file on my desktop and these ones finally get to have their long-awaited moment in the limelight of my blog!

1. Does this describe you? 

Despite my best efforts, this nails it for me! 

2. Say hello to the dumbest couple on the planet!

3. Lucky Crawley sisters; poor Bennett sisters!

4. Speaking of Mr. Collins...

Please forgive Miss Mary for her impertinent irreverence. Or irreverent impertinence. Either one works!

 5. I've always enjoyed this scene from one of my favorite movies, Sense and Sensibility

I know it's not hilarious but it's mildly, sarcastically funny and it tickles my funny bone every time.
Mr. Palmer as played by Hugh Laurie in this movie is one of my comedic joys in life!

May your weekend be full of happiness, laughter, and a bit of funny sarcasm to top it all off!