Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Stuff of February

And now I give you the stuff of February, minus Valentine's Day, which was lucky enough to get its own post.

The month started out well with the Iowa Caucus. I voted for Marco Rubio, and he did well that night in Iowa, coming in second place. I miss those days. ::sob::

The way the caucus works is totally old-school. You write down who you're voting for on a piece of paper, then all the papers get collected into an envelope and are taken out one by one and read out loud, and someone tallies them up. The only technology that's needed is electricity. I love it!

 Sam made his own Angry Birds game.

Our MagicBands arrived for our Spring Break trip to DisneyWorld in March.
The people at Disney are complete geniuses, they really are. They are my inspiration for attention to detail and many other things.

I got the 35th anniversary Strawberry Shortcake doll! We're the same age, both born in 1980. 
I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was a little girl!  

 I (finally) got new pillows for the family room couch. They were from Target, of course, and they were on sale. Woo-hoo! 

My dog-ter, Violet. Isn't she a pretty girl?

Sam made a fort in his room where he put all of his belongings on or around his bed and slept in the fort underneath the bed in a sleeping bag for two months. 
Whatever floats your boat, Sam!

 I also found a strange joy and great satisfaction in arranging and organizing my belongings when I was a kid, although never to this extreme!  

Girl Scout cookies!!

Father and sons.

Peter was showing off his awesome Plants vs. Zombies skills. 

Cool shadow reflection from the sunlight. 

 I already miss sweet childhood scenes like this, and they're not even gone yet.

 I asked Sam to clean up all of the Legos and other toys he'd gotten out that were in the family room. He did this instead. That boy!
(I don't miss childhood scenes like this yet.)

John and Abe (the honorary third brother in our family), just hanging out.
There were a few days toward the end of the month that were nice and mild.

Speaking of nice and mild weather, I thought the cover of this spring catalog was pretty enough that I had to take a picture of it.

Sam took a nap on a quiet Sunday afternoon. So cozy!

On another Sunday afternoon, the boys took the living room apart to make a big fort.
Can you see John's foot sticking out? 
(Hint: look near Sam.)

An impressive mileage milestone.

Swaddling my kitty cat.

At the Blue & Gold Banquet, John's last one as a Cub Scout. :-( 
(He turned 11 soon after this and moved on to Boy Scouts.) 

This is why Sam likes to eat at Chili's.

We went to a fantastic Disney concert done by Orchestra Iowa. It was such a fun evening.

The boys are stinkers for pictures sometimes. John ducked out of this one... 

...and stuck around for this one, but of course this is the one that Peter doesn't look as nice in. 

And Sam wasn't any better!

What a flattering angle, really nice. :-/

Let's just focus on the elegant chandeliers, shall we?

And that was some of the stuff of February!