Friday, October 2, 2015

Five Things for Friday

1. This hasn't been the best week. On Monday Sam stayed home from school with a small fever, and partly because of that disruption in routine, I felt out of sorts all day. I also got a low fever and mild headache for most of Monday and all of Tuesday. Luckily, that's as "sick" as I got, and everyone else in the family was fine. But this whole week I haven't been as productive and have felt more foggy-brained and behind on things every day.

2. On Tuesday I spent two hours at the vet with our two cats for their annual check-up. Two hours! I had to bring Brody back the next morning so they could monitor his glucose levels for 24 hours, and yesterday I went back to pick him up. Then I have to bring him back in two weeks and do it all over again. It turns out that he has diabetes, and possibly hyperthyroidism, and we have to give him two shots of insulin a day. I am not looking forward to doing this, not at all. Our pets really are little vampire suckers--of our time and our money!

3. John is driving me nuts! Preteen boys can be so immature, which I know it's in their nature to be at this age, but after a day at school, he brings it all home and is so silly and ridiculous and won't stop and sometimes I just can't deal with it! I know I'm being pessimistic and grumpy right now but at the moment I'm not looking forward very much to the preteen and teen years that lie ahead. But I'm grateful for them all the same, because it means he's here and he's alive, and I don't take that for granted!

4. On the happier side, here are some good things that happened this week. I got a cuuu-hoot owl-print Kate Spade bag on sale and I love it! I also got a beautiful sweater and a good set of wall shelves for  the office to hold some of my projects. I read a good book for book club--Sarah by Orson Scott Card. I'm watching an interesting show this week that I recorded over the summer: Proof, about trying to find concrete, scientific proof of life after death (or not). Also, Peter made a sensationally good grilled steak dinner on Sunday night, and another night he made really yummy s'mores brownies out of chocolate chip cookie dough, marshmallows, and Hershey bars. That man can cook, bake, and bring home the bacon and cook it too! And of course, there was the supermoon eclipse on Sunday night, which was cool to watch. So it really wasn't that bad of a week overall.

5. Some random images I've come across recently that I think are funny:

 This pretty much sums it up perfectly for me, year after year.

Card catalogs!

Homebodies unite!
(From the collective comfort of our homes.)

This weekend I'm really looking forward to the divine guidance and enlightenment that will come from General Conference. I feel like the world needs prophetic guidance so much right now. I know that I do. Three new apostles are going to be called too, and that will be cool.
Happy weekend!