Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Day A Hot-Air Balloon Landed In Our Neighborhood

"Thanks! Bye!" we said to our home teacher as he left after his visit and we closed the door behind him. 
I went into the kitchen to start cleaning up, and then the doorbell rang. 
Our home teacher was back, and he said we all needed to come outside, quickly! 
So out we went, and what did we see? 
A big hot-air balloon was hovering in the air two houses up the street.
Talk about really random, and really cool!

I thought it must be a big advertisement for Cost Cutters (which by its nature, it is), but it turned out that it was a woman and her father--she took him out for a hot-air balloon ride for Father's Day, which was that day. They had gone flying (floating?) over Interstate 80(!!) from the other side of town until they reached their landing place, which luckily for us, turned out to be right near our house.  

This post wouldn't be complete without an unflattering picture of me, so here's that. LOL.

Funny! And probably true!

It was a really cool thing to see!
I personally have never been a big fan of hot-air balloons--I don't plan on ever going up in one, not even one that is anchored to the ground. Over the years I've heard too many horror stories in the news of people falling to their deaths in these things. Airplanes and amusement park rides are as risky as I get when it comes to being airborne. But, if you're completely fearless (and maybe a little crazy), it would be neat to do this. We certainly enjoyed watching these people do it.

And that's the story of the day a hot-air balloon landed in our neighborhood!