Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monster Jam!

From our evening of refined theater-going culture at Mary Poppins to Monster Jam--what a difference a week makes!
Monster Jam was fun. We'd never been to a monster trucks show, but I decided to get tickets because it would be something new and different for us to see, and Sam is really into trucks and things that go. It really was entertaining to watch! I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. John and Peter liked it too. Sam wasn't a big fan at first because it was so loud, but he liked it a lot better once we got him these giant sound-muffling headphones, because the earplugs I brought just weren't cutting it for Sam.

John and I sporting our Frankenstein-looking earplugs.

Waiting for the trucks to enter the arena...

...and there they are!

They each took turns doing all sorts of tricks and competitions (wheelies, 360s, etc.).

I don't know how this truck didn't fall over backwards when it landed. Talk about serious shock absorbers!

My favorite was the Scooby Doo truck. And even better, it was driven by a cute blond girl in her 20s.
She did great and she won one of the competitions. Girl power!

She spun some awesome 360s! (That was the competition she won.)

Some of these trucks got some good height!

Grave Digger was a crowd favorite. He ended up winning the whole competition that night.

Sam inadvertently did an imitation of Grave Digger's above move with his own Grave Digger truck,
I think this shot is cool!

The driver of Monster Mutt was also a woman. She liked the picture I posted on Instagram that night, as did some of the other drivers. I felt like a Monster Jam groupie. Ha ha!

Let the car-crushing begin!

This is the shot I posted on Instagram that the drivers liked.

It was a unique and fun experience. It's not our usual fare, but we'd do it again!