Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Honey Creek Resort

We spent Memorial Day weekend at a place that I'd heard another mom talk about years ago at one of the kid's extracurricular activities. I'd had it in the back of my mind ever since then, so we finally went. We loved it! It was Honey Creek Resort, a lakeside resort about two hours away at Iowa's second-biggest lake.

It was a pretty, scenic, peaceful place.

We wanted to get a cabin, but there weren't any available. The resort hotel room was nice and spacious, although we prefer having the kids in a separate room and the resort didn't have that option.

At one point during the weekend Sam wanted some quiet time to watch an episode of Miles From Tomorrowland on the iPad--in the bathtub, of all places. I was okay with it as long as the tub stayed water-free (which it did!).

We went jet-skiing for the first time!! It was really fun! 

Peter and John were on one jet-ski, Sam and I were on another.
Peter LOVED every second of it and didn't think twice about speeding off and going really fast.
I was uneasy most of the time that I was driving mine ("Shouldn't we be trained in how to operate these first? What if it tips over? What if it stops working? How do I make it stop? What about boats? I'm scared!"), but I'm proud of myself for doing it, and it really was fun and easy. I even went pretty fast a few times when I'd gotten used to it and there wasn't anyone around (I was afraid of crashing into someone). I was glad to have Sam's companionship and his encouragement to not go too fast when Peter and John repeatedly burnt rubber past us.


There was a fun indoor waterpark which was perfect because the weather wasn't the best that weekend. It's a lot smaller than the ones in Wisconsin Dells, but it was fun and the boys really liked it. It had a really hot hot tub too, which felt so good.  

Can you find Peter and Sam? (Hint: they're in the foreground. Well that made it easy!)

Sam goes down the pirate ship plank slide!

The lazy river was perfect for Sam because it didn't go over his head at all.

I think John's facial expression here is so funny. I don't remember if he was purposely "Arr-ing" like a pirate or if this is just the expression that was on his face. In either case, it's funny!

 The lodge was really pretty.  

 We wanted to do a family hike on one of the trails that goes around the lake, but the weather wasn't very nice for it. I was signed up for a paddle-boarding class and that was cancelled because it was raining the morning of the class. But it was a beautiful day on Memorial Day, which was the morning that we checked out (of course!).

We had a great time at Honey Creek, and we look forward to going there again!