Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Very Own Hershey Bars

One of the most unique things we did at Chocolate World was to design our own customized Hershey bars and watch them get made. It was really cool! I've always been interested in seeing how things are made, so it really was a special treat (no pun intended!).

"We're gonna make it after all!" 
(Bonus points for you if you know where that's from!) 

On touch screens we each chose our own fillings, type of chocolate, and sprinkles or no sprinkles.
Then we watched our bars get made in the factory line. You knew which bar was yours because it would say on a screen as you walked along following it get made. 

There's my bar! It just got a bunch of nuts sprinkled in it.

After getting their fillings, the bars go through my favorite kind of machine--a chocolate-enrobing machine!

Then if you chose sprinkles, they get sprinkled on while the chocolate is still wet.

Along the way you stop at a different set of touch-screens and design a custom wrapper for your bar. 

Almost done!

After the bars are finished, they get packaged up and placed in a silver Hershey box, which then gets wrapped with the custom wrapper you designed.

Here's mine. Green is my favorite color and I am indeed a chocolate lover.

It's obvious who this one belongs to!
Apparently, he wanted there to be no doubt about its ownership.

This is what the box looked like that the bar was packaged in.

It was a fun and memorable experience and is a must-do if you ever go to Hershey and you like chocolate. And I'm happy to report that these bars tasted even better than the everyday Hershey bars you can buy in the store, which was a very good thing after all the hard work we put into them! ;-)