Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Waterpark, A Trolley Tour, and Chocolate World

The Waterpark!

When Peter and I went to Hershey Park ten years ago, there wasn't a waterpark there, but now there is. I guess these days it's not really an amusement park if there's no waterpark! So we spent some time at the waterpark on our second day, but in retrospect we should have done it on our first day when it was hot and humid out, but a thunderstorm was rolling in, so we did something else instead, which I will write about in the next part of this post. (Am I rambling? Sorry.) The second day we were there was the Fourth of July and it was a lot cooler and more comfortable out than it had been the day before. It was perfect amusement park weather but a little chilly for an outdoor waterpark, but we still wanted to spend some time there, so we did! (This paragraph is not very well-written--sorry again!)


Sam played a little in the waterpark but overall it was too cold for him. He preferred staying wrapped up in his new Hershey bar towel. I don't have pictures of John because he and Peter were off doing the waterslides.

He liked this little water contraption. It reminded us of his marble tower. 

Check out this fun sequence, starting from left to right.
Keep your eye on the bucket at the top!


The Trolley Tour!

As I said before, on the first day we were at Hershey Park there was rain in the afternoon with a threat of thunderstorms, so it was a good time to go on a fun trolley tour around the lovely town of Hershey.

The two tour guides were actors and the guy was especially excellent--he should be on Broadway! They put on a fun and informative show about Hershey and Milton Hershey.

Sam fell asleep on my lap during the ride.

We got to see the pretty house where Milton Hershey lived with his wife.    

I really admire Mr. Hershey. He repeatedly tried and failed to start a candy company, and he didn't give up until he succeeded. And succeed he did! Just look at what Hershey has become. I also admire him and his wife because they were genuinely kind and charitable people. They couldn't have children of their own so they started a private school for disadvantaged boys from the area that's still in operation today.

One of the Hershey factories, where the magic is made!

 The town of Hershey has some really cute and unique houses.
I'd love to live in this sweet, idyllic town!

Chocolate World!

Chocolate World is right next to Hershey Park and it's a chocolate-lover's paradise. It was a good place to spend a rainy afternoon.

You can't really tell from the picture, but these were gigantic bottles of Hershey's Syrup.
There was so much Hershey merchandise here--it was crazy-awesome.

We went on a little factory tour ride.

Look at all those Kisses!

We went on a fun 3-D/4-D type of a ride/show where there were scents sprayed into the air, weather of various types happened in the theater, confetti was tossed down, etc. It was really cool!

 Hershey kiss chandeliers.

Hershey Kiss bars (not candy bars).

Posing with this sweet little lady (get it?).

For $39.99 you can own the "World's Largest Hershey Bar"!

We also made our very own customized Hershey bars. I'll write about that next time!