Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Storm Fronts

One of the things I like about living here in Iowa is how open and expressive the sky is. I find the storm fronts that pass through to be fascinating to watch (not to mention helpful in telling what's coming our way).

I took these photos of the field and woods next to our house when a late summer storm was rolling in. Almost as soon as I got back into the house, the clouds opened up and the rain came pouring down.

The sky is still relatively light compared with what's coming.

The threat grows and so does the darkness, and a lone bird flies across the sky.

And here are the warning messenger clouds of a storm last month that was bigger and stronger than the first one.

Our house is the one in the bottom left corner. Look out, house! You're about to get soaked.

All I can say is, Mother Nature is amazing!