Friday, October 29, 2010

Little Bits of Randomness from my Week

Mommy's Idea

To read more Friday Fragments, visit Half Past Kissin Time, a fun blog where you'll have a good time! Here are my bits of randomness from the week:

*The wind in the Midwest has been crazy-strong for the last few days. I'm not sure that I've ever seen wind this fierce. My 13-month-old Sam has been sick with a fever this week so we've stayed in as much as we can and watched and listened to the wind howl and blow. I'm glad I took some pictures of the fall foliage before this because a lot of it has now blown away!

*I get alumni e-newsletters from my alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. Sometimes these newsletters and the pictures they include make me feel very nostalgic for those days. I love my life now but I loved it then too and sometimes I really miss it!
This statue of Benjamin Franklin sits in the center of campus. (Ben is the founder of Penn.)

*We got invited to our first tailgating party! This feels like a special rite of passage since we're newcomers to the area, which is home to the University of Iowa Hawkeyes, a Big Ten football team. Everyone around here is crazy about this team. Similar to the wind in Iowa, I've never seen anything quite like the intense "fan-dom" of a college football team here. Tailgating is practically a sport in and of itself. I've never really understood tailgating; I guess maybe I finally will from living here! 

*Our Invisible Pet Fence was installed on Wednesday, and a trainer is coming for six sessions over the next week to teach the dogs and I how to use it. This is going to make life so much easier in so many ways, for them and for us! Pretty much every day since we got the dogs three weeks ago I've been saying, "I can't wait to get the fence." (Speaking of the dogs, they're doing well. They still need lots of training, but we're getting there!)

*My favorite thing I read in the blogosphere this week was this true ghost story from a blog I follow. Click here to read what happened to this family. I think it's cool! (I'm a long-time believer in ghosts. What? I am!) 

*I came across this picture recently when searching the internet for something. Pretty classy, huh? I know it's totally irreverent, but I think it's funny. Happy Halloween!