Monday, October 25, 2010

Sam's House

Our new house is sized just right for a baby who is learning to pull himself up, walk, and climb. This is a little tour from Sam's perspective of the most important places in the house!

The living room has tall windows with low ledges that are the perfect height for Sam to pull himself up to and look out the windows. He really loved that when we first moved in and is still enjoying it now.



The front door has this long skinny window next to it that he likes to stand up against and look out of. I'm not a big fan of the window because it's not all that private but at least Sam enjoys it!

The living room windows have these long maroon drapes that we inherited from the previous owners. On a breezy day when the windows are open, Sam has a blast playing in the drapes as they blow out and in. Now that's entertainment--for him and for me!


Catch that curtain!

We got a new washer and dryer when we moved in and they're more fun than our old set. These ones have windows! You can see the water and the clothes spinning around! Fascinating.


The last thing that Sam has really liked is the stairs...yikes! These stairs are actually pretty well-designed for the climbing baby because they're carpeted and they have landings so that in case of falls, baby doesn't fall down the whole flight (thereby relieving some of my guilt when he had two falls). Much of my August was spent monitoring him on the stairs because that was his favorite thing to do. Who needs toys when you have stairs?

He's grinning because I'm coming after him. It's a game, see?


I like how he looks down once he's at the top, like "Wow, look what I did!"
Behind bars.

The biggest source of entertainment in the house--literally.
I hope you've enjoyed this pint-sized tour through Sam's perspective. Babies really know how to have fun and make things their own, don't they?