Thursday, March 26, 2009

Butterflies in Boston

On Friday, March 13th, I experienced the beauty of butterflies in the city of Boston, even though it was a chilly late-winter day. I, however, was feeling the heat and humidity of summer because it was so warm, sunny, and tropical-like where I was. And where was I, you may ask? In a beautiful new butterfly garden at the Museum of Science in Boston, where Peter and I took John that day. (That museum is probably the best I've ever been to! It's a must-visit, with or without kids.)

Butterflies are such lovely little creatures. I enjoyed seeing them flit peacefully around, seemingly in their own little world. It's therapeutic to sit and watch them--I wish I could get some "butterfly therapy" every day! Soon after we walked in, one landed right on the back my head, but it flew away just as Peter took a picture of it, leaving an exciting photo of just my head:

While we were there, two more landed on me and one landed on John but they took off pretty quickly. The butterflies were gorgeous!

The scenery and the view outside of the Charles River and Boston skyline were nice too...

John and I, with the Charles River behind us

Tropical environments are my heaven!

Can you spy the butterflies? (It's easier if you click on the picture to magnify it. Unless of course you have superhero eyesight, which some of you very well might have.)

There was a big full-length mirror near the exit to check yourself over for butterflies before leaving. There we are!

We finally got a picture of a butterfly on one of us just before we left. This huge owl butterfly landed on Peter's butt and wouldn't budge for like two minutes. It was so funny!