Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Solar Eclipse!

 The solar eclipse was a special thing to witness, both on the news and in real life. I'd been looking forward to it for awhile. We had about 93% totality in my area of Massachusetts, which was pretty cool. Not as cool as 100% of course, which happened in northern New England, but that's okay. It was good enough for me!

I'd had a countdown up on my computer for a couple of weeks before "the big day."

My attempted pictures didn't turn out great, as you can see. πŸ˜„

It looked like the normal sun without eclipse glasses. This was at the beginning stages of the eclipse.

Here you can see the tiny sliver of the moon starting to come up at the bottom of the sun.

But it still looked like this to the naked eye (which I didn't look at with the naked eye, BTW!).

Sam got home from school and he was able to get some much better pictures of the eclipse with my phone:

But it still looked like this to the naked eye. It got a little darker and more shadowy, but not too much. The coolest thing (literally!) was that the temperature dropped several degrees and the bug sounds that happen at night started up.

A selfie with the eclipse glasses

I thought it was neat that the lamppost light came on, but then I realized later that it's always on. πŸ˜†

Inside, it was only a bit darker than usual at that time of day.

Obviously, there wasn't a big dramatic difference at 93% totality (although honestly, I thought it would get darker!), but it was still really neat to see the sun mostly covered up by the moon with the glasses.


I'm stating the obvious here again, but I stole this picture off the internet. This was the kind of picture I wanted to get!

I'm looking forward to the next solar eclipse in America, which will happen in a few decades! I think that time I'll make the trip to be in the path of totality.