Friday, January 19, 2024

New Year's Eve, 2023 ---> 2024

 2023 was one of the biggest years of my life! 
I got divorced after 21 years of marriage. My oldest child graduated from high school and started college. I sold my house and moved to a new place. I got two good editing jobs, both of them management positions.
A new chapter began in my life, and I'm excited about the story that's being written! While 2024 should almost certainly be less eventful and stressful (*knock on wood!*), I think it will also be an important year and a great fresh start, and I welcomed it with open arms. 

As for New Year's Eve itself, it was on a Sunday and I didn't have Sam so I figured I'd be spending it on my own at home, reading and relaxing, which normally I wouldn't mind, but NYE can be kind of depressing when spent entirely alone (ask me how I know this). John had left that day right from church to return to college (he had to go back (ridiculously) early for wrestling) and was driving his car down to Virginia on his own—a ten-hour drive, something he'd never been close to doing before—and I was nervous about that and was eager for some good distraction. 

Fortunately, my best friends from high school were having a party at my friend Jen's house with their families, which I gladly joined. It was the perfect timeframe too, because it didn't go until late because of some of their work schedules, so I was home in the 10:00 hour and in bed and asleep before midnight after spending several fun hours in the company of good friends who have been an important part of my life for three decades now.  


We played a really fun and easy game involving money and chance, and I got lucky and won the whole pot of money, about $40! (It wasn't gambling!)

We played a second time and my lucky streak continued. I was one of the two finalists and was thisclose to winning the whole pot again. I don't think I would have been invited over again if that had happened. 😆

I'm grateful that I was able to end the year with friends and then peacefully fall asleep in my warm cozy bed in my nice new home. I truly feel that I was watched out over and cared for in significant ways throughout the whole year. 2023 will always be special to me because of that and all the significant changes that took place in my life. I'm looking forward to 2024, my first year on my own, free from the stresses that I dealt with for several years. It's already off to a good start!