Monday, January 22, 2024

Around the House (and other places) in December

Well, last month I faltered a bit in my resolve to take fewer selfies. 😄 But it's still less than I used to take!

Campbell's is one of my favorite name brands for food. It will always hold a special place in my heart, going back to childhood. (Marketing geniuses that they are!) 

Cool things at the library

Book drop in the Children's Room (which is my favorite place to work in the library!)

Sam's first wrestling meet of the season

He wrestled his teammate because there weren't enough kids from the other team that were close enough to his weight. He's definitely heavier and bigger than John was (and is).

He lost, but he put up a good fight! His teammate is the best person on the team (by far), and Sam is one of the only ones who has a chance against him.

My mom took a few pictures of me and Violet for a Christmas ornament she wanted to make with our picture on it. You can see how cooperative Violet was in the first picture. 😆 She is not a big cuddler!

But we managed to get one good picture, and this is the one my mom used for the ornament (which turned out great! She did another one from a picture of me and the boys from this past summer.).

I'm more of a morning person, but sometimes I do a temple session in the evening. It's one of the most peaceful ways to end the day, and I like the meaningful contrast of the light against the darkness.

We celebrated my nephew Shane's 12th birthday. I love Shane, he's always cracked me up!

A few more selfies! I think I took this one to show the "dishscape" on the TV behind me that I was streaming from YouTube. I love having these on in the background.

A friend gave me these for cookies for Christmas and they were SO GOOD. 😋

There were some pretty swanky holiday decorations at Sam's orthodontist's office. I was impressed!