Thursday, November 2, 2023

Around la casa en septiembre

The fridge died. The good thing about renting is that I didn't have to buy a new one--my landlord did! And she got a good one too. 😁

Out with the old...

In with the new!

With some magnets, because I think a bare fridge is depressing (on both the outside and the inside 😉).

I was so glad that I got the basement unpacked, cleaned out, and organized in order to accommodate the ping-pong table I bought for Sam's birthday. And because it needed to be done! 
Those maroon bags are my 10-ft. Christmas tree, which I sold a couple of weeks ago because it's too big for my new place. 😕

A colorful and nutritious array of ingredients for dinner 😋

I don't like that the dining area is carpeted, but other than that it's a nice space.  

The combo living room and office. Very different from the huge family room, formal living room, and French-doored office of my former house!

It's a cozy set-up. I like it.

Movie night with my handsome and ever-growing boy. I miss my other handsome boy.


I bundled Violet up. If I were a dog, I'd want this done to me! (Unless the blanket was too heavy and it made me feel claustrophobic. 😵) 

Violet is living the life.

Olive knows where Violet's treats are kept and I caught her trying to get into them. 😆

Sometimes Violet is my newspaper stand.

Surrounded by pillows

This is in my room. This picture (of what I think of as Christ carrying me through the most difficult time of my life) will always mean so much to me.

Our first General Conference in the new house was successful! We don't have the BYU Channel anymore, but I was able to stream Conference to the TV from YouTube on my laptop. Sweet!

I loved the bucket of pale pink roses behind the podium. Pale pink roses are my favorite flower. It felt a bit like a personal gift from heaven. 😊
Conference was wonderful. There were some amazing talks given. I love the Church and President Nelson, and most of all Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ and His beautiful gospel. It's the foundation for everything in my life.

Sam during Conference.

It was a good month around the house, from getting my books and bookshelves organized to getting the basement cleaned out and the ping-pong table set up to General Conference. I love my home and (most of) the things that happen there! 🏡💖