Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Out With Friends

 In September I got together not once but twice with my high school friends. I'm so thankful for them and for our enduring friendship that is over thirty years old now (and even longer for them since I didn't move here until 8th grade).

We met for dinner and we all unintentionally showed up wearing blue! πŸ’™

My dessert was good!

A few weeks later we got together at Jen and Bill's house for their annual seafood fest. They used to invite a lot of people but this year it was just our friend group, which I preferred (I like smaller groups more than big parties). It was fun, and the food was delicious!

We ate all of 'em!

Bill cooked my lobster perfectly. 
I couldn't be around when the lobsters got cooked because I feel bad for them. They taste so good though. πŸ˜‘ Usually when I order lobster in a restaurant, I get the lazy man's lobster because I am indeed lazy with lobster, and there's also the matter of my aforementioned empathy for their plight, so the less I see of the lobster's body, the better. But there are no lazy men at seafood fest. I had to work to get my meat! And it was delicious. (Truly sorry little guy!) 🦞

I've known Bill since high school when he and Jen got together. He's a police detective in one of New England's largest cities. I've always liked asking him questions about his work and he's great (and very patient!) about answering all of them.

I'm thankful for all of the friends in my life, but especially the ones who have the most staying power.
Life is better with friends, especially when they're lifelong.