Friday, October 27, 2023

Sam's 14th Birthday!

 Sam turned the big 1-4 last month! 😃 All he really wanted for his birthday was a ping-pong table, so I worked hard in August and September to get the basement unpacked, cleared out, and organized so that a p-p table would fit down there. It was a worthwhile project that benefited us both - he got his table and I got the basement unpacked and organized! A win-win situation. 

Thank goodness for my mom, who helped put the table together!


We can play while surrounded by food storage and emergency preps. How exciting! 😆

I wanted to get one big bow but couldn't find one, so several smaller ones had to suffice.

Naturally, Sam was happy with the table. 😊

Breaking it in...

We had a small family party and it was the first one at our new place. Even though there's much less space than there was before, it was fine and we had a good time.

I used the bows from the p-p table on the dining room table and buffet. So creative, I know. 😉

We played in the basement for awhile with the p-p table and the weight set. Good times!

We had a delicious lunch of pulled pork sandwiches (one of Sam's favorite foods) followed by ice cream cake.

It was a fun day and a fun party!

A few days later on his actual birthday, there were some smaller presents for him to open, and we had tacos for dinner (the birthday person always gets to pick what we have for dinner on their birthday), followed by a smaller cake that was practically set aflame by all of the candles on its surface! 

(Pay no attention to Sam's silly shirt! It's John's and Sam found it and thinks it's hilarious. I hid it after washing it so I get the last laugh.)

Candles extinguished!

I hope that all of Sam's wishes come true this year. He's a wonderful young man who means the world to me, and I'm so thankful that he's my son and I'm his mother. We've had a special bond ever since he was a baby and I hope it never goes away. 💖