Thursday, October 12, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in August

 I love this about Robert Downey Jr. He's an inspiration.

An interesting question...

I liked this article. If you see housecleaning as self-care, it can be a soothing, uplifting practice in your life.
Being organized is so energizing and uplifting for me. It really is how I live my best life. I see a big difference in myself and the quality of my life and what I have to offer the world when I'm organized and on top of things and keeping up with my routines and good habits, and when I'm not. 

I like the last two paragraphs especially.

This is one of the aforementioned good habits I try to do that help me to function at (or near) my best.

I have a special journal I keep (with a pretty owl on the front! 😉) for doing what it says in the "Review" section below. It's fun to look back on and see my progress (or sometimes lack thereof 😄) and where certain events and things have led me since then.

Owls are truly my "spirit animal" in just about every way!

This is true. I keep a spiritual impressions/personal revelation journal and it's a treasure and helps me remember important things, which can lead to further impressions and revelation. It works.

John is getting ready for this! Next summer is the plan.



I should say this to myself over and over again when I have trouble sleeping at a certain time of the month. 😴 If only!

A few things I liked from my divorce support group on Facebook...

✔ Law of chastity all the way (no pun intended). It really is the only right way to "do it" (pun intended). ✔

A really good letter to the editor in The Wall Street Journal that I agree with 100%.

More churches and religions today (and too many LDS church members, sadly) need to get the memo on this.

A classic 😆

I continually work on having a growth mindset, especially in the paying work and church work that I do. It's kind of life-changing.

I continue to work on doing better at this. My editing/management job at the nonprofit I work for is actually really helping with this because I get exposed to many different viewpoints on many different things in many different ways. It's good for me.

Good advice:

Do this, yes, but sometimes you also have to lean into something and not avoid it. It can be situational and it's important to find the right balance.

I love these verses and try to apply them to my life on a daily basis.