Thursday, August 10, 2023

My Favorite Walking Path

 I've written about this walking path in my old neighborhood before, but I don't have time to go back and find the links to those posts, so I'll just say again that there's a really nice path through the woods at the end of my old street that I loved walking on. It was the perfect length of time for a nice rejuvenating walk in the woods, and it was one of my favorite ways to get exercise when the weather was nice (and even not so nice). 

Sadly, a new development began being built in these woods at the end of last summer and around half of the trees were cut down. The path was no longer accessible; there was a big construction fence cutting it off that wouldn't allow you to go that way anymore. It was a sad day when I discovered this unfortunate state of affairs.

But about a month or so before I moved, my dad went and checked it out and he said that the trail was back--it was once again accessible! It was of course a little different because instead of being surrounded by woods, the woods were now only on one side while the new construction was on the other. But still, it was there! I was thrilled, and I went for as many walks as I could before I moved.

I love this pretty tree-lined field that leads to the woods, it's so picturesque and it has a pond on it, too. 😍

The path through the field to the waiting woods beyond.

The light you can see through the trees on the left half of the picture is where the development is being built. 😔 Before, it was all woods. 

So different from how it used to be...

But luckily the trail was still intact, including this cool bridge of sticks over a little gully.

Parts of the path still looked exactly like they used to, with no evidence of construction nearby.

Coming out of the woods and going back into the field...

This little looped branch has been there for as long as I've used the trail. I like to stick my pointer finger in it and gently pull it on my way out. It's our little thing. 😉

And of course there's the pretty little pond down there too. This is such an idyllic spot. 

I miss living down the street from this. I plan to park in the cul-de-sac that's near this spot and still go for walks down there sometimes. I have yet to do it since moving, but I will. It is after all still one of my favorite walking paths, and it's less than ten minutes away from my new place.