Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Around the House in June

 This is the last "Around the House" post for my now-former house. It went from feeling mostly like its usual self at the beginning of the month to being completely empty by the end of the month. Moving is so weird. 

We'd had this end table since our New Jersey newlywed condo days. 

It once sat in the office of a Manhattan millionaire, according to the people we bought it from. With my downsizing move, I gave it to my niece who thought she'd be able to use it, but she didn't end up needing it, so I think it's at my sister's house right now. Even though I don't currently have the space for it, I can't help but want to hold on to it, or at least keep it in the family. It feels almost like an antique.

I was going to give away or sell this great old wagon, but in the end, I decided to keep it. It's the prepper in me; it's way too good of a prep supply!

I took pictures of some of my books so that I can reference them when setting up my books at my new place (which I have yet to do).

Mystery series and stand-alone mysteries are my favorite books overall. Historical fiction is a close second and for a long time I thought it was first, but I have to admit that mysteries have my heart first and foremost. Historical fiction mysteries combine the best of both worlds and are probably my most favorite of all. 

I miss having display shelves like these.

Packing up all of my owls!

The owl decorations took up two full storage bins. πŸ¦‰πŸ˜Š

And one more for good measure!

The first casualty of my packing efforts.

John chilling in the backyard by the fire pit.

I had to figure out how to move Sam's prize Lego rollercoaster in one piece.

After I sold the console table, that side of the dining room started to fill up with boxes. 

My master closet was so big that it had two side closets off of it. They were great for additional storage. This was one of them. I'd already emptied several storage bins of mementos and keepsakes out of the back of it (which are now residing in similar storage closets at the Cape house.)

The moving boxes provided a good lookout spot for Olive.

The new owners weirdly didn't want any of the things in the house except for the kitchen appliances. They didn't even want the high-end, less-than-two-years-old front-loading washer and dryer. It would have made my move a heck of a lot easier if they'd wanted to keep more things! So anyway, I decided to keep the washer and dryer and bring them to the Cape house, where the washer and dryer had been having ongoing issues for awhile. It was so hard to get them out of this house and into that house, but it happened without too much damage inflicted. πŸ™ƒ

Existential question: Is it still a laundry room if there's no washer and dryer? 

Here are the washer, dryer, fire pit set, and a few other things arriving at their new home on the Cape!

The washer was SO heavy and bulky. It got stuck in the basement door and we had to get a special screwdriver (or something) to undo the hinges of the door to get it to fit through!

Depressing empty bookshelves in the office 😭

Depressing empty wall and floor space where the grand bookshelf used to reside. This room will never be the same without it. I think the new owners were nuts to let that go!

Packing up in my room. 
I liked my room of course--it was very nice, especially the sitting area--but honestly, I like my new room more. It's spacious but cozier and it feels like a happier space to me. (It could also be the whole fresh start post-divorce thing too. 🀷) 

I left the ninja peg board on the basement wall. 

Moving Day! My favorite couch set was shrink-wrapped for the storage unit.

I WILL use it again someday.

The rest of these pictures are from when the house was emptied out two days after Moving Day on my last day with the house. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves instead of supplying them with my amazing commentary. πŸ˜„

Well, except for this. The living room/dining room helped me get in touch with my inner Jane Austen because it now resembled a ballroom!

Violet was like, "Where did all the stuff go?"

Last glimpses of the pool and backyard. I knew I'd miss them, but the cost of their upkeep, not so much.

Goodbye, Oak Street house. Thank you for being such a beautiful, safe home for me and the boys. You were well-loved and cared for, and you are missed.