Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in March

I know without a doubt that this is true because I've personally experienced it time and time again.

I thought this was provocative and interesting. At first, I wasn't sure I agreed with all of it, but the more I've thought about it, the more I think this guy is right about sex and marriage and the related motives of men and women. Also, things have gotten so upside down from God's laws and standards in the last several decades and far too many people casually violate the law of chastity whether they realize it or not.

I won't start dating until after I'm fully legally divorced on June 25th, and I'm not in a big rush to do so--I'm pretty happy on my own--although I'd prefer to be married to a good, loyal, loving man over being single, so I'm definitely open to it. Things like this are good to read in preparation for whenever it happens.  

Both of these are really good advice for relationships in general.

Self-awareness is such a good quality to have.
Another dating-related thing I saw. No dating apps for me, thank you very much! At least not anytime soon. 
I prefer to know who I go out with.

Good anti-inflammatory foods to eat:

I totally agree with the findings of this study, but it was a little depressing to read about while preparing to get divorced. 😔

"Our study's focus on women offers important insights in view of the continuing hold of feminist critiques of marriage as an instrument of patriarchal domination. Other things being equal, marriage is still a crucial constituent of a flourishing life for many women." 
Well, shoot. 😆 

"In view of marriage's profound effects on our sample's health and well-being, it is unsettling to consider its rapid displacement from American life."
Satan's plan is alive and well in the destruction of marriage and family and personal well-being. 

Man, the marriage stuff in my reading material hit hard last month, the very month I finally got divorced. 💔

Cute 😄

Eat more zinc

Dairy is yummy 😋

Walking is one of my favorite things.

The Holy Ghost is an amazing gift to have.

I totally agree with Henry Eyring's thinking about science and religion. 
"In his and religion weren't fundamentally at odds with one another; they just weren't fully reconciled yet. Henry reasoned that God knows all the answers and will ultimately reveal them and show how everything fits together. Rather than being irritated by the...apparent contradictions between science and religious doctrine, Henry was intrigued."
This is how I've long thought about these things too. Henry Eyring and I are kindred spirits, who knew? Except for in math and science and physics and chemistry. We are not kindred spirits in those areas. 😆