Monday, April 24, 2023

Crazy Times Scrapbook, March 2023

 My anxiety ran high for a while in March because of the two big bank collapses. I was afraid the whole banking system was going to crash in the weeks following, and I'm so grateful that it hasn't. I think that could still be coming, but for now, I'll hope for the best and prepare for the worst, which is my general philosophy when it comes to emergency preparation and planning.

I love that Woody Harrelson did this--and on SNL of all places! 😆 

Good for him for standing up for what a lot of people believe. That's the Haymitch I know and love from The Hunger Games!

"Conspiracy theorists" aren't right about everything, but we turn out to be right about a lot of things...

"...even the most pro-vax publications cannot hide the non-Covid excess mortality of the past years."
+ Read the rest of that paragraph...

This is outrageous and should be huge news in the likely event that it's true.
Fox News is crazy to let Tucker go, by the way. The news just broke today and I can't believe they did that. He's by far the best thing Fox News has. Or had. He's also my TV husband, so seriously, what the heck? (We have the same last name; a girl can dream 😁.) Why do they let go of their most talented people who tell it like is? (Tucker, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, etc.)

Victor Davis Hanson is so measured and intelligent. He's one of my favorite commentators. I think there's a lot of wisdom and truth in his opinion pieces.

This should also be huge news in the likely event that it's true. This is definitely not over, especially if Biden makes the truly ridiculous choice to run for president again.

Not the most encouraging news when you're preparing to put your house on the market! 

Outrageous if true (which again, I believe is more likely than not).