Monday, October 10, 2022

Around the House and Yard in August

 I decided to get a Lazy Susan for the table at the Cape house, but do you know how hard it is to find things like that now? I looked at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and on amazon and had no luck, so I went on Etsy and found the perfect one that was Amish-made and beautiful and fairly priced. My mom got it for me for my birthday, and voila! Now the Cape house has a Lazy Susan on the table.

For years this fake flower arrangement has been on the table. I kept noticing that many people who rented the house would move it. It serves no practical purpose and is merely decorative, which was fine with me, but practicality finally won out.

Not as pretty as the flowers, but "pretty" practical. 😉

I moved the napkin holder from the countertop which freed up some counter space, and the salt and pepper shakers from the cabinet, which freed up some additional space there. Win-win all around!

My little lady Violet in the yard with me. Where I go, Violet wants to go.

It was a hot, dry summer, and the front lawn showed it. We weren't allowed to use our sprinklers at all because of the drought. The only plus was that the lawn didn't have to be mowed nearly as much this summer, thereby saving a lot of money!

I was reading on the couch one day and heard something at the window. It was a squirrel climbing all over the screen! It was fun to watch him (or her).

Here's my little buddy Romeo. He's moved out now (Liz and the boys moved out a couple of weeks ago, taking Romeo with them, which is reasonable since he's their cat 😄) and I miss him.

Romeo and Violet got along well. They looked alike too, with their silky black fur and white chest markings.

I was cooking one evening and the "cooking mist" filled the air and the sunlight caught it in an ethereal way. Things like this remind me of a classic quote and gospel teaching that heaven is all around us. I really do believe that too, that we are not alone and heavenly help and protection are a lot nearer than we often realize.

All those deep thoughts from cooking mist that happened to catch the light just right. I love life and the many parables, lessons, and teachings that are to be found in it!

I'd been working on a clean-out project in which I was going through bin after bin of the boys' clothes from their whole lives, and Sam found a little jacket that I'd set out that he used to wear, so he tried it on. Needless to say, it didn't fit anymore. 😆

My baby grew up! 😭

Speaking of babies, a mother turkey and her two babies wandered through the yard a couple of times in August. It was sweet, and I found it symbolic of my own family that consists now of a watchful, protective mother and her two kids. 

Speaking of being a watchful mother, Sam pretended he was blind and walked down the stairs blindfolded. 😅

I'm happy to report that no one was harmed in the conduction of this experiment. Because I'm such a protective mother and all. Sam's navigational skills aren't bad either. 😉