Monday, September 26, 2022

Low Tide is My Favorite Tide

 I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again: one of my favorite things to do on the Cape in the summer is to walk on the tidal flats at low tide. I love walking on the ocean floor when the ocean is drawn back from the shore. It's the coolest! There are all sorts of interesting things that get uncovered that are fun to see, and it's great exercise too. The wet sand feels so good on my feet. My summer wouldn't be complete without at least one good walk out on the flats!

All of these pictures are brought to you from the ocean floor with my starting point being Saint's Landing Beach in Brewster. That's my favorite place from which to walk out on the flats. 

I took this picture when I was way out from shore. That's the shoreline in the distance. Do you see my footprints in the sand? The other set is my not-so-imaginary friend's. They're my mom's. 😄

Looks nice and feels nice! 😍

Do you see the stand-up paddleboarder in the distance? If I'm ever brave enough to SUP on the ocean, I'll do it like this at low tide when it feels much safer and less risky!

This is the view from the comfort of my beach chair on the shore. I'm sure there are people who aren't aware of how the tides work on this part of the Cape who come to the beach unknowingly at low tide and are like, "Where the heck did the water go?? THIS is what Cape Cod beaches are like?" 😆

This was another day where I took a nice hour-long walk west on the flats. I hadn't slept well the night before and was tired, but doing this was energizing for me.

 Low tide is feast time for the seagulls. I like seeing their footprints on the sea floor. It feels so contrary!

I thought a low tide profile shot was in order. So I took one. 😁

Those smooth firm ripples feel good on bare feet! It's cool how they mimic the waves of the sea that are above them most of the time.

Horseshoe crab. Dead.

In some spots the sand is a pretty pinkish-purple. I like the contrast it makes with the green seaweed.

The oyster cages get uncovered at low tide and they're cool to see.

Another day, I walked east from Saint's Landing instead of west to see how far I could get. There was more in the way (big bunches of sea grass, big rocks, etc.) and the sea floor was rockier and harder to walk on so I didn't get as far. I'll try again next summer by walking farther from shore where the sea floor should be smoother.

The dunes (or are they bluffs?) are so pretty.

I didn't even try walking on this. Ouch! Next time I'll either wear water shoes or I'll walk farther out from shore like I previously mentioned.

I like taking pictures of boats at low tide. I like the juxtaposition of how they're on dry (or at least wet) land instead of water, even though they're anchored out on the ocean (supposedly). 

I'd love to have either of these houses! 😍 
It's still my dream to have a house overlooking the ocean, and will probably remain just that, because with the upcoming divorce it has become much more unattainable for me now. Womp, womp. 
{But someday, in some way, I will achieve all of my dreams!}

Back in my chair on the shore.

(Note the source of this quote. How oddly apropos!)

I love low tide and walking out on the flats, and it will always be one of my favorite things to do in the summer!