Tuesday, September 27, 2022

FlowRiding Fun

 One of our perennial favorites for many years, the Cape Cod Inflatable Park acquired a FlowRider this summer which the boys were looking forward to using. They'd done FlowRiding before at indoor waterparks and on one of our cruises, and they even took lessons at one of the parks they went to, so they're pretty experienced at FlowRiding. I took them on a damp afternoon in August when the park wasn't crowded and the line for the FlowRider wasn't long. They had fun, and I enjoyed watching them have fun. {I have very little interest in trying this for myself!}

Sam had become much better at this since the last time I saw him try it years ago.

John was able to get up and maintain a kneeling position with no hands! They weren't allowed to stand up and actually "surf" (I'm fine with that rule!).

The lifeguard was kind of nice to look at too. 😉

And here was Sam again. On this attempt he made it up to his knees for awhile! It was awesome!

No hands for Sam, too!

It was a fun way for the boys to get wet and have fun on what was already a wet summer afternoon!