Friday, September 23, 2022

July 2022 Randoms

A cute kitten and pink roses, that's my kind of picture! 😍

I've always wanted to go to Acadia in Maine, and this would be a nice place to stay when doing so!

Glamping, yes please!

A pretty sky through the blinds of the office window

My friend Shelly gave me this adorable little owl planter that reminded her of me when she saw it at Weston Nurseries. It made my day! The plant she put in it has soft leaves because of the owl theme. I love my friends. And owls. 🦉

I usually do a HelloFresh box with two dinner recipes in it a few times a month. Sometimes they send free goodies; these Godiva bars were divine.

I'm working on whittling down my possessions, and one of the areas I've been focusing on is the boys' clothes. I've kept a lot of their clothes and things from the newborn stage on up, but I'm selling or donating a lot of it now. This cute little toggle coat that Sam wore for church brought back happy memories, as does so much of their clothing. 💙

I took this picture of pink and lavender roses many years ago, and it's been the picture for my computer screen for almost as long. I like it because it makes it feel like there are always roses in the house. 🌹

It was a hot, dry July!

I liked this picture of a cute duckling in the local paper. 

A few days after I met Ruth Ware, her new book was on the top ten lists.

These are great questions! 
I love my sister's cat, Romeo. Or as I like to call him, Romeow. 😁 He finally warmed up to me (it took months) and now we're besties. Or at least he's one of my besties. I'm not sure if he'd consider me one of his. 😄 But he definitely likes me more than he did when he first moved in. I won him over!

He's a beautiful black cat with silky soft fur and a sassy but sweet attitude.

I like this pic of myself because I feel like my eyes, skin, and lips are all glowing in it. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm thankful for my good health! {Knock on wood}

I bought a laptop last year and finally set it up.

I'm mostly using it for the second half of my medical transcription training. Once I'm done with that and have a medical transcription job, I'll be able to take my work with me anywhere in the house (and to the Cape house) using the laptop. I can do my editing on it too, although I prefer the desktop for my editing work and most other things. It's nice to have both options.