Monday, August 8, 2022

Around the Yard in June

 I had a great week on vacation at the Cape last week, but it's good to be home again and to be settling back into my routines. As far as the blog goes, I plan to do all of my June posts this month and I hope to get a good start on July, too. Side note about July; it started out well with a fun week at the Cape, but after that it was full of many mishaps and headaches (not literal ones, though those probably would have been preferable!). I'm hoping that August won't follow the same path as July, even though it started out in the same way with a fun week on the Cape. We'll see what happens! 🤞

This week I'm only going to write about peaceful, pleasant things. I'm starting it out with some fun and pretty pictures from around the yard from the beautiful month of June, one of my favorite months of the year. 

The beautiful glow of sunset 😍

The sunset bathed the house in its rosy hue with the full moon looking on.

Da boyz

More roses and pretty flowers in the backyard

The side yard is pretty, too. 
Stay tuned, I'll explain what that blue line on the grass is next week!

We put the badminton net up and that was fun! (The badminton, not the putting up of the net 😁) 

Sam and Shane had a lot of fun playing in the pool once it was fixed (more about that next week!).

I got Shane this big cat float for Christmas and he could finally use it!

Violet and I enjoyed the pool too, in our own quiet way. 😊