Friday, May 13, 2022

February 2022 Randoms

Oh hello, it's Donna in the Dark again!

I got a pair of cute owl pajamas that were on sale. 

I also got a set of owl-patterned sheets that were on sale. They're soooo soft and comfortable and I love them! I think high-quality bedding is a totally worthwhile investment. 
These are just the pillowcases.

I got a part-time job in February working for! It's headquartered in Silicon Valley so technically I can say that I work for a Silicon Valley company, for whatever that's worth. Which isn't much--if only the pay were S.V. equivalent. 😆

I review and edit lessons before they go live on the website. I really like it because I truly enjoy editing and working with writers, and I love reading and learning, and the lessons I edit are on a variety of interesting subjects in history, literature, the humanities, science, business, and even math. In February I did the training online and I started working at the beginning of March. As many new things do, it started out a little rough but has gotten much better, and I'm really enjoying the work now. I like having a job that I can do from home too. It's a great way to ease back into the working world. I just wish it paid better and that there was more work to do on a daily basis.

I was my own valentine (again) this year and bought myself a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements because I love myself 😊. They're the best! 

2-22-22 was a fun and unique date! And it was very cool that it was on a Twosday!

Since my editing job isn't going to provide me with enough income, and because I don't have the bandwidth right now to take on a full-time professional salaried job that is commensurate with my education and experience, I decided to look into medical transcription, which can be done from home and pays pretty well. 

I watched a webinar done by a business that will train and hire you, thought about it for a few days, and decided that a combination of editing and medical transcription could definitely work for me (no pun intended). I can do them both from home and set my own hours. There are some drawbacks, but I think this is going to be best for me while I figure things out over the next year with this new and unexpected path my life has taken. 

I bought the training program and have put in about 30 hours so far. I try to do at least an hour a day during the week, which I'm going to have to increase in order to be done with the training by the fall, which is my goal. Then, if all goes as planned, I'm hired! So right now I feel very encouraged and blessed by my employment opportunities. They're not glamorous or high-profile, but they work 😉 for me at this stage of my life.

I was so disappointed with this movie. It was more like "Death on the Woke Nile." "Murder on the Orient Express" was much, much better. This could have been a really good movie, but it wasn't, and I was a little outraged on Agatha Christie's behalf. 👎😝