Thursday, February 17, 2022

November 2021 Randoms

 I got myself one of these, and it is indeed super cozy.


A shortage of Santas too?!

So festive 🎄

I randomly cracked three eggs and they made a smiley face 😃

My mom got me this box of chocolate caramel owls. My self-control was low and I ate them all in a day.

Things I saw at Hobby Lobby that I liked...
Nice decorations for my weekly bubble bath habit

Cute Winnie the Pooh things. I'll always have a soft spot for Pooh and the gang.

Accurate 😆



Me and the boys 💙💙

A cute little owl baby toy at a specialty children's shop

I really liked the hot chocolate display at Williams-Sonoma, so I took a couple of pictures of it.


Nature left an emoji on my car 😑

I got this super-soft, super-cute owl at that specialty children's shop that I mentioned above.

Waiting for my Uber after my hair appointment in Boston. 

A friend of mine went to Hawaii and brought back these bars for us. This is as close to Hawaii as I get! For now, anyway. 

I think Christmastime is a great time for marriage proposals!  

My Relief Society did a collection of items for Bags of Hope, an organization that helps children in foster care. I organized the items and delivered them to Bags of Hope.

Look at all that Bath & Body Works shower gel!

Sam liked the new owl and left this cute note on my bed when we were getting ready to go to the Cape.
We brought him! 😊

This was a delightful article!


I meant to include this in my Crazy Times post. Pornography is the true pandemic. It's absolutely horrible.

I really liked this author's honest assessment about the pilgrims and Indians and their relationship in history.

Even though I don't watch The Hallmark Channel anymore, I have my old favorite movies stored in the DVR and I love watching the Christmas ones at Christmastime (obviously). This year I got Bingo sheets for when I watch them! I really am my own best friend. 😄 It didn't take long to get my first Bingo! Such is the nature of Hallmark movies. 😉