Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Quickie to the Cape

 I spent a relaxing night and day at the Cape in October. I was there to do some winterizing tasks on the house, and I did some fun things too. Balance! 😉

On Saturday morning I went for a guided walk of Wing Island (behind the Museum of Natural History) with an archaeologist. It was really interesting and made me wish more than ever that I were an archaeologist! {Maybe it's not too late!?} I took some pretty pictures along the way. 

These black-eyes susans were so cheerful 😁

I got a good picture of a beautiful monarch butterfly. 😍

These purple flowers aren't ever there in the summer so this was a nice fall treat to see. Someone in the group said it was sea cabbage. Yum yum!

Lots of gulls by the shore

And a few more pictures of that beautiful landscape on the walk back

The windswept grass reminded me of the nearby ocean waves.

After the walk, I ate a delicious lunch of clam chowder and clamcakes, and then I stopped in for a fun little shopping trip at an antiques store.

A cute collection of little Beatrix Potter books. If I had little ones I think I would have gotten it.


I'll always have a soft spot for Winnie the Pooh.

I've been using Olay products since high school and I think they've been great for my skin, but I'm not so sure this bottle of "antique" moisturizer would have the desired effect anymore. 😱😆 Hard pass.

A cute owl cookie jar

And a nice little set of owl glasses. I bought these!

I had a wonderful time at the Cape that weekend, and I'm so thankful to have a place there. I don't take it for granted, especially these days!