Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Conference Weekend

 As usual, we enjoyed a peaceful, pleasant weekend of General Conference. I needed it more than ever.

I continued with what I did in April where the boys had to watch certain sessions screen-free (other than the television screen of course) but I gave them the choice of whether or not they watched or were on screens for other ones. This worked well for us again. 

John conked out on the couch with Violet. What can I say, Conference has a very soothing, relaxing effect sometimes! 😄

Sam rested too.

I love Elder Holland.

The boys got along well, which was a nice surprise 😄 

Sam and I played Conference Bingo during the Sunday morning session. 

I need to print out updated Bingo charts. These ones still have President Monson as the prophet.

An impromptu wrestling match broke out during the singing.

(It lasted into the next talk too 😑)

And John wins with a pin!

Sam filled up his sock with coins and tied it like a treasure bag. The things we do to divert ourselves!

Seriously though, Conference was great. It was the spiritual boost that I needed, especially as I continue to grapple with counsel from the Church (regarding the Covid vaccine) that for the first time in my life I personally disagree with. But my faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ and His restored church remains strong. The Church still has the truth. I love President Nelson, and following his counsel over the last few years has blessed my life immeasurably. His talk in the Sunday morning session about the power of the temple was one of the most powerful and effective messages I've ever heard.
It was a good weekend, and the light from its messages continues to brighten my days. And the next one is already less than three months away! 🙌