Tuesday, August 24, 2021

The Beginnings of My 2021 Garden

 My motivation wasn't nearly as high to do a garden this year as it was last year, but I still wanted to do one.     I should have started seedlings earlier than I did, but I had a very hard spring--much harder than the infamous Covid spring of 2020. Next year I hope to do better, and to have a better spring than the previous two years. Anyway, pictures of the beginnings of the garden, of which there are very few...

Tomato seedlings coming in (or up) hot! I was looking forward to trying to grow my own tomatoes, one of my favorite veggies (no blasphemy about it being a fruit--it's not a fruit!).

I did bean seedlings too, and I transplanted them into their outdoor bed a few weeks later. They were looking somewhat promising.

I didn't do cucumber seedlings this year and I wish I had. I will next year. I directly planted the seeds in the bed, and soon after, the seedlings popped up. I planted too many seeds in each hole, though, as you will see in future posts. 

I tried peas for the first time. They were starting to come up well and I had high hopes for them, but now that it's August I can tell you that they turned out to be a complete failure. Or rather, I turned out to be a complete failure at cultivating them correctly.

The Garden Chronicles will continue next month. Get excited!