Friday, April 23, 2021

Catalogs, and Things to Get/Things I Got

 Spring catalogs are a nice way to welcome spring!

Niki Taylor always takes me back to high school. I remember when she was in Seventeen magazine. She's still as beautiful now as she was then.  

I love these colors

The perfect pillow! 😆

A catalog gem: a perfect picture of springtime bunnies! 

The Nantucket Lavender candle from Cape Cod Soy Candle is one of my favorite must-have life items because it's one of my "secret weapons" for sleep. I only light it in the evenings for an hour or two before I go to bed. The scent is lovely and relaxing and it makes me sleepy. I think I've conditioned my body to associate its scent with sleep. Good job, candle and body! 

I was at the Cape this past week, and I was horrified to discover that the shop where I've stocked up on these candles for years was no longer there! 😱 But there's a website and apparently other shops, so there's hope.

These "Stop Talking" socks cracked me up. I ended up getting them a few weeks later because they fit a certain situation in my life perfectly. 😂


I'm in the process of getting a new bed and a new comforter, so I've been shopping around for bedding. I really like this one that I saw at Bed Bath & Beyond. It might be the one!

I saw these adorable newborn baby slippers at Target and had to get them. Just for decoration (obviously). Because I love babies and bunnies and cute things like this!