Wednesday, December 2, 2020

November Owls

If I were a teacher I'd be so happy to get this. Or more accurately, if I were a teacher, I'd get this for myself. 😁

Pretty little owl princesses

Here's Santa with a cute little owl. I thought about buying this, but I really don't need any more Christmas decor unless it's an absolute must-have.

I enjoyed this news story, as well as the one about the adorable owl that stowed away in the Rockefeller Christmas tree. New York City had great luck with owls twice in the same month! They needed it.

Cu-hoot owl packaging on this flour from Ireland

As much as I love owls, I think I'd be a little creeped out to have this guy sitting in my house!

Sam made me a really sweet card that touched my heart. 💖 I'll show the rest of it in a post later this month, but for now check out the front. He knows his mama well!