Monday, November 30, 2020

October 2020 Randoms

A table of spooky October reads at Barnes & Noble...

Dinner out after ninja class. Sam is a fan of Five Guys burgers and shakes.

Then we go next door to Panera for me. This has been our usual Thursday evening routine this fall.


Mo Willems is one of my favorite children's book authors.

"What children really want is to be listened to." I needed that reminder. 

I was inspired by this woman's obituary. "First and foremost she was a devoted homemaker who was dedicated to her family." This is so admirable! I'm happy that that is what I've chosen to do with my own life.

Stay-at-home parents can be leaders too. Anyone can.

John cooking at a teacher's quorum activity. 

There are two other boys in the quorum but they weren't there that evening. More yummy food for these boys!

This is one of my keys to living a (mostly) organized life and keeping my house neat and clean.

Some of the delicious foods from our "Gourmet Girls" night with my friends. It was soup night. My soup was NOT gourmet; it was a crockpot white chicken chili. I did, however, make homemade pumpkin cupcakes with real buttercream frosting--my first time ever making both of those. They were good! Better than my soup!

Cu-hoot owl hand soaps at Bath & Body Works

A picture of my mom and I at a church service project that we helped out with in September.

A sweet picture of Boo Boo that Sam texted to me that he took a couple months ago when he put his headphones on him. My heart ached for Boo Boo for the entire second half of October and into November. Now at the end of November, the ache is still there, but it is healing. But I still miss him so much.

Inspiring words that help me with challenges like the above-mentioned one, among others.

More inspiring words about adversity.
Pretty curtains at The Jenney Museum in Plymouth

Does anyone else ever feel like we're running out of time? I certainly do.
I took a picture of this when I saw it in the paper to support my arguments with John about how much sleep he needs to be getting! 😴

This was one of my favorite messages from General Conference at the beginning of the month.

In the fall woods near my neighborhood 😍

A decent selfie

I saw this on a car in the parking lot at the grocery store and thought it was funny. Loded Diper is Rodrick's band from Diary of Wimpy Kid. We enjoy those movies and books!

I liked how this company left me sweet handwritten notes on the box.

The company was TickettyBoo Hot Chocolate. Their hot chocolate is delicious. 😋

Yes it did 😢

I bought a pack of yummy Halloween cupcakes from Whole Foods. The fact that they were from Whole Foods made them kind of healthy (right?). Ha ha.

Getting highlights at the salon 😄

Self-care matters!

I enjoyed reading this article. This lady and I are on the same (planner) page!

This is so true, and I know it by living it!

Planning your days gives you some control when things are crazy in life. (And even when they're not.)

Wise words from a wise woman!