Monday, November 9, 2020

Conference Weekend

 I've said it many times before and I'll say it again: semi-annual General Conference weekends are two of my favorite weekends of the whole year! October's was no exception, and it was particularly welcome given all the unrest that had been happening since the last Conference in April. Receiving guidance and inspiration from the prophet and our church leaders was truly a healing balm to my soul. 

The boys were cooperative and they listened pretty well. I met them halfway on some things and let them be on screens during the Saturday sessions as long as they were listening, but they couldn't be on them when President Nelson spoke. I had them watch the Saturday morning session but I let them decide if they wanted to do the Saturday afternoon session. The Sunday sessions are mandatory, and screens are not allowed. 😁 


I took pictures of them; why not of myself? 😃

John peeked in on the Saturday evening women's session (which was my favorite session, by the way). I think he was interested in watching the ladies in the choir. Ha ha!

I made myself a special treat for the women's session, a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and sparkling cider. Boo Boo supervised. 

This turned out to be Boo Boo's last normal weekend before he suddenly got really sick the following weekend. I had NO IDEA at the time that this was coming. I'm so glad that it was a weekend when peace and the Spirit filled our home. I bet it made heaven feel more familiar to him when he arrived ten days later. 💔


The boys got some of their energy out and horsed around during the songs. They got along well that weekend. 🙌

I made a crockpot pot roast for dinner with carrots from the garden and potatoes. The roast came out particularly tender and delicious, and the carrots were bursting with flavor. I was so glad, especially because it was one of Boo Boo's last special meals (he and Violet always get the scrumptious fatty leftovers). It was a great weekend, and I already can't wait for the next one in April.