Monday, November 2, 2020

New Dining Area Window Treatments

 There are a few things about our house that I don't really understand why the previous owners never did anything about. One was the big window in the master bedroom where light shines in so brightly in the mornings. I don't know how it didn't bother them enough to cover it up, which I decided to do about a year-and-a-half after we moved in. (The pictures of that are here.)

A similar situation is the big sliding glass door window area that takes up a whole wall in the dining area next to the kitchen. It's very open, which is fine during the day because I love all the natural light, but it can be unnerving at night to have it all opened up and exposed like that. So this fall I did something about that too, and hired the same woman who did the bedroom window treatments to do something for the dining area. We came up with the perfect solution that keeps it open during the day and easily closes it off at night. 


See how exposed this is at night? We don't have neighbors right behind us or right next to us, although when the leaves are off the trees the view is much more clear between our house and the house behind us, but you never know who might be watching. Have you seen Watcher in the Woods? 😱

It's hard to fully relax at night with it like that.


It's much easier to fully relax with it like this!

These curtains blend right in and slide easily from each side to meet in the middle with magnetic attachments.

They can be kept partway open like this too, which is nice for when Violet is going in and out.

During the day I keep them pushed all the way to the side like this. They blend right in to the wall. I love the unobtrusive way it looks.

If I want to close them during the day then it looks like this. The only reason I'd do this would be to protect ourselves from outside threats (please let that never happen!), or if it were bitterly cold out to help insulate against that.

I'm happy with how this home improvement project turned out! The next thing on the list as far as window treatments go is to get nice blinds installed in the living room and dining room. I have the same problem in there of it being wide open at night, and it's very visible from the front and side of the house, so I don't go in there at night to read and relax very much because of it, but I'd like to. I also want to do something about the skinny panes of glass on either side of the front door, especially now that my beloved Boo Boo isn't here to peer through them anymore (Violet doesn't use them nearly as much as he did).

On to the next! 😃