Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Road Trip! Kiddie-Style

This summer we're going on a road trip halfway across the country, and then we're going on an international road trip to drive up to an island off the coast of Canada, all in the course of four days. Yikes!

John is old enough now that he's good for long car rides. He can pretty much take care of himself and keep himself entertained or otherwise occupied. (Can I just say that the inventor of the portable DVD player should get a Nobel Peace Prize for bringing some peace and quiet to traveling families everywhere?)

Sam, on the other hand, is either content in the car or very unhappy. And when he's unhappy, he lets us all know it, loud and clear!

I'm hoping that he will be as happy and comfortable as possible, so that the rest of us will be too. I've found that when it comes to road trips, as the baby goes, so goes the rest of the family!

"Remember how sweet I am, Mom, even though I just screamed my head off for 20 minutes."

 Wish us luck! We'll need it!