Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Crazy Times Scrapbook, September 2020

 It's kind of fitting to do one of these "crazy" posts on Election Day, isn't it?

 I'll go on the record and say that I predict that Trump will end up winning. I won't be that surprised if he doesn't, but I think he will legitimately win this election. I also predict high levels of civil unrest if he wins, and lower levels if he doesn't. We'll see what happens soon enough, for better or worse!

{Go Trump!}

But I also firmly believe in this, and it's more important now than ever before:

Good Reasons to be Pro-Trump

I really like how good Trump has been on foreign policy. He hasn't been perfect but he's done (surprisingly) well with it.

A strong economy with rising incomes, and it isn't because of Obama.  

This was a huge foreign policy success! Mainstream media didn't give it the coverage it deserved, because Trump.

One of the main reasons I support Trump--he gets things done and does what he says he's going to do.

The Russian Collusion Hoax is an outrage, but the MSM doesn't care.

Unfair Treatment/Mainstream Media

"Had this violence and criminality come from right-wing extremists, Seattle would have swept them off the streets within hours in the name of 'confronting hate.' But when it comes to the left? Paralysis....So it will go on. And every day it does, people will be reminded that Democrats aren't as dependable as Republicans when it comes to protecting their homes, communities, and families. This year, that matters."

I was so disappointed that Jim Gaffigan came out as a very vocal (and offensive) Trump hater. Really Jim? You're supposed to be funny. I won't be watching his comedy anymore. I'd be fine with it if he were merely anti-Trump, but the way he spoke about Trump and his supporters went way over the line.

This debate stunk! It was so disappointing. I like Chris Wallace and had high hopes for a vibrant, illuminating debate. Trump interrupted way too much and Biden was coarse and vague in his responses, and I felt that Chris Wallace was a lot harder on Trump (probably because Trump interrupted more, but still). It was the worst debate I've ever seen. 

Cancel Culture and Race Relations

People want to "cancel" Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Really?

"As he aged, Washington's unease with slavery began to grow...While Washington never spoke publicly against slavery for fear of rocking the fragile boat of the new Union, in his will, Washington instructed his 123 slaves to be freed after his wife's death. He was the only founding father to do so."

Critical race theory makes terribly untrue assumptions about everyone and everything.

The 1619 Project's gotta go too.

"Ultimately the successes and failures of the black community come from the choices we make." (Written by a black man.)

This expresses well how I feel.
Tragically ironic.


"Mysteries remain but one thing is known: We will be living with the virus indefinitely." 😩

Forced Vaccination

Other Unnerving and Sad Things Going On

I was no fan of RBG, but it was sad that she died. The timing was crazy, but par for the course for 2020.

She said it herself.

What a great family.

Ominous predictions.

Funny Stuff for the Crazy Times

Much-appreciated Poldark humor 😍😂