Thursday, November 19, 2020

Freaky Friday Snowstorm

 On Friday October 30th, we were the unsuspecting recipients of a fall snowstorm. Instead of a dusting to maybe an inch of snow, which is what I thought we'd get, we ended up getting almost half a foot! It snowed all day. My normally good weather instincts were definitely off that day. 

This is what it looked like in the morning. This is about the extent of what I thought we'd get.

The snow was pretty on the leaves. Usually these branches are bare when there's snow.

It hadn't shown signs of stopping a few hours later.  

I hadn't winterized outside yet. My apologies to the grill and the outdoor furniture!

I had to go out in the afternoon for a hair appointment. I would have very much preferred to stay home all day on a snowy day, but I braved the elements to get much-wanted highlights that I hadn't had done in a year. The roads were a little slippery but they weren't too bad. This is what it looked like when I left to go to the salon.

By late afternoon the snow had finally stopped, and the sun came out for a little while. It was a bona fide winter scene out there; how very un-Halloween-like! It seemed like everything was conspiring against trick-or-treating this year.

A few days later, all of the snow was completely gone and temps were in the 70s. Crazy weather!