Friday, September 25, 2020

Seagull Beach

 Seagull Beach is my favorite "big beach" that's nearby. Our parking sticker for town beaches gets us in for free, which is an added benefit. I took the boys there on a weekday afternoon while Peter was working and we had a fun time. They got along well and didn't fight--it was a miracle!

It wasn't overly crowded since it was a weekday, but there were still a good number of people there. But there was plenty of space to socially distance.

Can you spot the boys in the water?

There was a funny seagull that followed Sam around while he ate. I thought I took a video of it, but alas, I didn't and only have this picture. Can you see the attentive seagull? Hint, 10:00.

We tried to go back to Seagull Beach on a Saturday a couple of weeks later, but they weren't letting anyone else in because of capacity limits--COVID strikes again! But at least we got in one good day there this summer.