Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Swampy Trail and a Stunning View

 We discovered something new on the Cape this summer, which is always nice after sixteen summers of being there. 😊 It was a nice walking trail through the woods in Wellfleet, right near the National Seashore. It was a cool day too so it was perfect walking weather.

There was a nice boardwalk over the swampy part of the forest. 

These pictures don't quite convey it but it felt like a movie set in there, very Lord of the Rings-like. I loved it.

Are you there, Gollum? Ha ha.

Right near the walking trail was the site for the Marconi Wireless Station site up above Marconi Beach. It was where the first wireless transatlantic cable was sent out in 1903 between the U.S. and Europe. And guess where it went in Europe? Cornwall, England--Poldark! 🥰 

I didn't realize that we were so high up above the sea until we were up there! 

We were so high up on the dunes! We could see seals swimming way out in the water. It was magical!

This could be fun/terrifying/painful to sled down in the winter!

The views and the trails reminded me so much of Prince Edward Island. It was completely unexpected, and so enchanting!

It was really nice to spend a cool, cloudy summer afternoon on the Cape discovering something new. We're going to have to start going to the National Seashore and its towns more often because apparently it is full of unexpected delights!