Thursday, September 17, 2020

June 2020 Randoms

I don't know why I took a selfie of my weekly face mask. But here it is for your viewing pleasure. 😂

These weeds in the landscaping looked like rogue pot leaves and I wondered if one of my relatives had played a trick on me!

Fourth of July and summer decorations on the bottom two shelves

Hello, hello again!

I might do this! Ballet will always have a special place in my heart.

A good reminder of what the Bill of Rights is. Thank you James Madison!

Milton Hershey is one of my favorite businessmen from history and he has been since our first trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania back in 2004 which is when I first learned about him and his life story. I love how he didn't give up. His chocolate's not bad either! 😋

I see this view a hundred times a day.

I don't know why I took so many selfies in June. 😂

An alarmed expression from the paving stones in the backyard. What did they see up in the sky that was so shocking? 😮 LOL

Sam's letter to his 4th grade teacher for the end-of-year scrapbook that was made for her by the class. 
He was really blessed to have this teacher. She was a genuinely wonderful, caring, kind, creative, thoughtful person, and the perfect teacher for him to have after a rough 3rd grade year when he didn't feel like the teacher liked him, and then she was awesome with the whole coronavirus/lockdown situation. She'd do things like write fun songs for the kids and play the guitar as she sang to them over Zoom. She still emails him sometimes just for fun and he emails her back. They have a fun banter going on. She is a gem of a person and I'm so thankful to have known her.

I took a family history class online and one of the assignments was to photograph possessions of my grandmothers and post them on Family Search under their account names.
This was my maternal grandmother's sewing box. (I do actually use it on occasion!) It reminds me of her every time I see it on the closet shelf.

My paternal grandmother was a gifted seamstress and this is the baby blanket she made for me when I was born.

"Wise as an owl" 💕

Still lifes from around the house:  

I took a picture of the lovely Native American woman on the Land O Lakes box before she got "canceled" a few weeks later in the name of cultural appropriation. I try to be thoughtful about these things and to see the other side of it, especially with everything that's been going on, and I've considered my "white privilege" and what that might entail, but even after all that, I think this is ridiculous. Especially because I read that the Native American community at large had no problem with this illustration that's been on the boxes for decades. 


My customary newspaper reading spot.

We hosted a family party at my house for my sister Jennifer's birthday and my brother's girlfriend made these beautiful and delicious cupcakes. They were so good!

Hello Mr. Moth. Or Mrs. Moth.

I was on a roll! I guess I liked the way my hair and complexion looked in June or something.

Last day of school! At home, of course. What a strange and unexpected school year it turned out to be.

Inspiring words from the FranklinPlanner catalog. 😄 I love planning!

I want to get something like this so that we can have movie nights in the pool.

I read an article about this author named Jennifer Scott who embraces homemaking as her career and I loved that, because I do the same thing.

"Be frugal, but buy the best within your budget, and use it in your daily life. Enjoy what you have, and treat the mundane aspects of life as meaningful (doing the dishes is a valuable contribution to creating a beautiful home), because they really are the little things that add up to create the whole."
By small and simple things are great things brought to pass!

🙌 I'm glad I made the choice to be a stay-at-home mom. I love it and find it very rewarding. 🙌

Fathers are so important in families and in societies.

I'm an environmentalist in that I believe it's important to help take care of our beautiful earth and I try to do my part by recycling, not littering, not wasting water, etc. But I think the climate change/environmental alarmism movement is wrong and that we humans are like little ants compared to the power of Mother Nature and the earth and what it does on its own and has been doing for eons of time. We have an impact to be sure, but I think it's much more minimal than the climate change people do. 

"For him and so many others, environmentalism offered emotional relief and spiritual satisfaction, giving them a sense of purpose and transcendence. It has become a substitute religion for those who have abandoned traditional faiths...Its priests have been warning for half a century that humanity is about to be punished for its sins against nature, and no matter how often the doomsday forecasts fail, the faithful still thrill to each new one." 

Now there's a lovely environment! This is Sam and his friend riding bikes along a trail in town.

I found this in Sam's school papers. I thought it was cute that the first song he listed on his "Stress-Relieving Playlist" was a Primary song that he likes more than I realized.

In my daydreams (and catalogs, ha ha) 😍

There I go again. This time it was a garden selfie.

Not good, and not a surprise.

I was curious about world populations. China and India are HUGE. I don't know how God keeps track of so many of His children, but somehow, He does!

Chillin' poolside on a beautiful June afternoon

One last selfie to wrap things up! Because I'm a dork.
P.S. I'm wearing that same shirt today as I write this!