Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Coronavirus and Crazy Times Scrapbook, June 2020

 *The opinions expressed here are mine. And those whose words I took pictures of. 😁*

I'm not trying to win converts to my causes--although I certainly wouldn't object if that happened--but I want to get my opinion out there somewhere on the internet, especially when my opinions are rather unpopular. It's important to speak up and stand up for what you believe is right, and never was that true more than now. My blog is my safe space to do that. Plus I like to document everything anyway, which this blog has been ample evidence of for the past thirteen years. 

"...children aren't significant spreaders of the new coronavirus in society." I hope that's true. I think it is. SEND THEM BACK TO SCHOOL! Incidentally, today is the first day of school for my kids, and it's in-person, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Sorry, Peter!

"The most important decision is letting people return to the business of life and commerce."

They were right, flare-ups definitely happened over the summer. And they were also right that lockdowns weren't the solution.  

Serious damage is happening in myriad ways.

It was hard to believe that something could displace COVID-19 as the main thing in the news, but it happened, and boy did it. I was saddened by George Floyd's death, but I was disgusted with the aftermath and all that it continues to entail.

Antifa = Evil. I'm convinced that they're trying to fundamentally change the way government and society function in the U.S. (and beyond). 

Not the peaceful protests, mind you, but the violent ones and the riots.

I liked the way this was said: "They are using our birth defect of slavery to devalue our founding principles and virtues, and using race grievance as its weapon."

Some excellent opinions about the inherent hypocrisy of cancel culture and the news media.

Defunding the police is ridiculous. Institute better training and accountability for them and get rid of corrupt unions that protect bad cops, but defund them? Come on. 

"...a disproportionately large amount of black crime, which often stems from the breakdown of black families and lack of positive messages to empower young African Americans." It all comes back to the strength of the family--my church has been saying this for decades. A society is only as strong as its families. And yet, Black Lives Matter wants to dismantle the traditional family. 😨

I don't and won't support Black Lives Matter. It was started by a group of "Marxist-trained" women and it donates heavily to liberal causes instead of to black communities. Support the NAACP instead.
From BLM's unbelievably bad mission statement: 

Reparations aren't the answer.

I like Republican Senator Tim Scott, the only black Republican senator.

"If you have two parents in the household, you reduce poverty in the African-American community by 85%. That's a stunning truth that needs more oxygen."

Someone/something really wants Trump gone.

I'm afraid for our country and for the dark days we're in, and for the even darker days that may be in our future. Do what is right, hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.