Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Pretty well, thank you! 😀 

I feel like it was in June that my vegetable garden really became a garden. I undertook the risky business of transplanting the seedlings, hoping that I was doing it right and that I wasn't killing them, and got them into the garden beds outside. They soon started taking off there, and I was very pleased by their progress throughout the month.

I won't go into what a prolonged hassle it was to get the garden beds and procure soil and mulch. Suffice it to say, it was a long, frustrating hassle. But it all worked out and in the end I had four raised garden beds and two over-the-deck boxes with several large bags of soil and some fertilizer to mix in and a big bag of mulch to top it all off.

This was good, rich soil.

My favorite was this bed of cucumber seedlings. They were the first ones to come up as seedlings in the house, and they transplanted well and started growing quickly. They were the stars of the garden.

Growing higher...

I was delighted when they started sprouting these enchanting little curlicues. They made me so happy! 

It was exciting when the yellow flowers appeared. I didn't realize that those become the cucumbers.

My babies really were growing up! 😂

I liked this curlicue with its shadow on the leaf.

My garden was really starting to become my happy place. I loved the reality of nourishing it and nurturing it and watching it grow. There are so many parallels to life in gardening. 💚

This is the second garden bed. On the left side is a row of green pepper plants, and on the right side and in the middle are bush cucumber plants. All of the seedlings miraculously transported successfully.

As they continued to grow, I realized that I probably planted too many of the bush cucumber seedlings. The bed was definitely overcrowded. I should have taken the middle row out, but it was so hard to kill those little darlings, so I didn't.

In the third bed were the bambino carrot seedlings. They weren't as exciting, but they survived and grew and I was definitely cheering them on. 

A few weeks into June, I decided to try planting garden bean seeds directly in the soil in the fourth bed. It was in a shady spot so I wasn't sure how they'd do, but I figured it was worth a try. It was a garden experiment. 

They were "working"! They came up really fast.

I transplanted the onion seedlings into the deck boxes because I read that they didn't need as deep of a root system. I also planted three garlic bulbs.

Back to my cucumber lovelies, my favorites. They continued to grow and thrive.

And there it is! The first cucumber! It was very exciting! 

And a second one in its infant stages!

Cucumber babies in utero 😄

Curly-haired cukes 😍

Intertwined. I really was enchanted!

They reminded me of a graceful symphony, lacing around together in a harmonic flow.

All four beds. My veggie garden made me so happy in June! It was actually working! 🙌