Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Pets in June

 Wow, I'm really good at original titles, aren't I? 😂


That's an interesting position to lie in.

Bentwood had a love affair with my yard shoes in June. All of a sudden, he really liked cuddling up with them. 🤷

Bentwood and Boo Boo (sittin' in a tree...ha ha. Paws off Bentwood, he's mine! 😄)


Violet is my trust little sidekick. She's rarely far from my side.

Contemplating a swim, perhaps? (She and Boo Boo refuse to go in the pool, much to our disappointment!)

Sniffing my toes?

I guess they smelled good. 

Violet and Boo Boo

Chillin' on the back deck with me.

Hoping to get something in the kitchen (their hopes were probably not in vain due to my tendency to indulge them).

And last but certainly never least, my soul dog, Boo Boo. 🥰😄

Trying to ignore me so that he can get on with his nap.

Upward dog...

Downward dog...

Standing around in his favorite room (the kitchen).


I love these wonderful animal companions of mine!